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Mitsubishi Motors virtual museum

Another virtual museum, this time from Mitsubishi Motors is located at the following address:


It was made in 2010 and is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the MMC. Of course compared to the Toyota museum it not serious, but still quite instructive. So after clicking on the link we were met by a flash application, stylized like book:

Press Enter and open it

2 variants avaliable:

"History of Mitsubishi Motors" - intuitive view of all ever released models of MMC on the time grid. 

By clicking on the model offers it picture and, for some models, a link to a more detailed description of the model.

You can look at the car from different angles by pressing the 360 Viewer.

The second section "Introducing historic Mitsubishi cars" provides direct links to the pages with the characteristics of key models.

This is all museum. Thank you for your attention, stay with us!

02.10.2014 04:51


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